Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The New American Dream via Americans for Prosperity.

It's new and improved. For some of us.

The New American Dream

If you are wealthy, you are living in the Golden Age of your American Dream, and it's a damned fine time to be alive. The two major political parties are working hammer and tong to bless you and keep you. The laws are being re-written - often by fiat, and in defiance of court orders - to strengthen the walls separating you and your wealth from the motley masses. Your stock portfolio, mostly made by and for oil and war, continues to swell. Your banks and Wall Street shops destroyed the economy for everyone except you, and not only did they get away with it, they were handed a vast dollop of taxpayer cash as a bonus prize.

It's fun being king... if you're the king.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

I enjoyed your latest religious "progessive" epistle.

When we have a Federal government (excluding all state and local government spending) that SPENDS 3 TIMES THE ANNUAL PROFIT OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR (as just posted by you a few days back)...how much more power do you want to give the fools in DC?

The more resources you give government, the more power that government has to control every aspect of our lives.

I thought you believed in choice and freedom?

You keep preaching the gospel of slavery and dependence on the Federal government plantation.


How much is enough for you? 100% of GDP to government? Maybe 110%?

Your OPM addiction is showing again.

I suggest immediate treatment.