Friday, March 04, 2011

Madison Attorneys Allege Illegal Conduct By Republican Legislative Leaders

From our friends over at The Political Environment:

Here's a taste:
The Wisconsin Constitution absolutely prohibits members of the Wisconsin Senate from being arrested for a non-criminal offense. The failure or refusal of a senator to attend a session of the senate is not a crime. Nor is it in contempt of the Senate. Moreover, the Senate’s authority to cite any individual for contempt is limited to those offenses listed in Wis. Stat. §13.26(1), none of which have been committed by any of the absent senators. The Wisconsin Senate’s action today in citing fourteen of its members for contempt for their refusal to attend the Senate’s sessions and to issue warrants for their arrest has no basis in the law of this state.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

I think the Wisconsin Democrat State Senators may be guilty of Deceptive Trade Practice under Wis. Stats 100.18.

They were elected to vote on issues. Many of the Democrats made statements after being elected they would go to Madison to vote on the business of the state. They have failed to vote on the business of the state.

I think voting on the business of the state is a commercial, not a political distinction. Refusing to vote altogether, with intent to block the monetary part of the ENTIRE legislative process, is a commercial act by halting the business of the state. How, or which way, a legislator votes is a political act. But refusing to show up, with intent to shut down the monetary process of the legislature violates the Deceptive Trade Practice act in WI.

(remember only spending bills can be halted by their actions...commercial)

Any statement that is false, deceptive, or UNTRUE in a commercial setting is potentially punishable under the WI Deceptive Trade Practice Act. Public Citizen even had a blog entry talking about how some state UDAP statues are being used to go after book authors in some cases.

Why not public officials that purposely block the ENTIRE legislative process, by attempting to overturn the previous election result?