Saturday, March 19, 2011

Judge Prosser not working for working people.

Some interesting links on the sponsorship of Justice (sic) Prosser.

Amazing what you can find on the internets these days.

Prosser is supported by Club For Growth (a Koch Bros. front)
Prosser was a less-than-aggressive prosecutor when it came to abuse of children by priests
Prosser has a well-known "temperament" problem
Prosser has explicitly threatened the trial lawyers to mess w/their cases if they don't support him.
Prosser votes w/the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council 100% of the time
Prosser is 100% behind Walker.  He has promised to "Complement" Gov. Walker's administration, thus demonstrating that he is not unbiased as a judge.  (original release from his campaign is behind a firewall so you'll need to refer to secondary sources)
Prosser puts it like this: "It's imperative that the state get its fiscal house in order [and] send a message that this is a great place to do business. [And] it would seem to me that the governor makes his strongest case when he can show a linear relationship between the proposal he makes and our fiscal situation. To the extent he is unable to do that, he begins to lose public support."
Prosser supports 'tea party'
Prosser is "anti choice" & has telegraphed his opinion as such (is also endorsed by Wisc. Right to Life)

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Michael J. Mathias said...

Here's another--Prosser feels he was entirely "warranted" in calling Justice Shirley Abrhamason a "bitch."