Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's official: Budget could hurt state's economy

Japan in the 90's anyone?

Oh, that's right, the Governor never studied history *or* economics.

Study: Budget could hurt state's economy

Gov. Scott Walker's plans to balance the state budget by cutting spending and public workers' take-home pay will slow the state's economic recovery, according to projections by a UW-Madison economist.
An estimated 21,843 jobs will be lost over the next year or two as public agencies and workers are able to spend less in their communities, said Steven Deller, a professor of applied economics who studied the ripple effects of Walker's budget-repair bill and two-year budget proposal.
"That's not just a bump in the road," Deller said. "That's a speed bump."


Kevin Scheunemann said...

I had to cut jobs as a result of Doyle's tax increase.

Funny, you never talk about job loss when Democrats inflict damaging tax increases.

Your OPM addiction is showing again.

You need treatment. You should not covet Other People's Money.

TT said...

Let me get this straight, Kevin. Am I to understand that you run a for profit business but somehow do not possess a desire for other people's money?

Pot--> Kettle --> Black

It ain't just a river in Egypt.
Let's go seek treatment together, my friend.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

People voluntarily chose to do business with me.

Government does business by force, without choice. (For instance, I cannot boycott funding bad public schools like MPS, but can chose not to not use a particular business.)

Having individual choice is the difference between a tyrannical and a free society.

If you think taking and leaving tax money to the clowns in DC and Madison bureaucrats is wise...that is contrary to the very meaning of a free society, you need to quit reading Marx.

Mpeterson said...

Some of that would be true if it were the case that the government was "in business". It isn't.

You're committing your favorite category error again.