Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Failure of American Teachers

It isn't the unions, lousy parenting, or even the corporatists who are turning education into an industrial production line solely to make a buck off of it. Nope.

Randy Turner: The Failure of American Teachers
And that brings me to the sole reason I have changed my mind about the competence of American public schoolteachers -- if we were doing our job, somewhere along the line we would have taught the politicians who are systematically destroying public education, the greatest of all American experiments, something about decency, respect, and developing the mortal fortitude to resist the siren song of the special interests who are well on their way to making the U. S. into a world of haves and have-nots, where public education will serve to provide low paid feeder stock for non-union companies and taxpayer-financed private schools will continue to cater to the elite, with the middle class existing only in history books.

Public schoolteachers have failed miserably by producing the most incompetent, mean-spirited legislators in U.S. history.

I suppose it might be time for someone to point out that legislators aren't competent to make changes to education either in form or content, and that if they'd stop micromanaging and let educators do their jobs, the process would work better. In fact, what's remarkable is how good a job they do in spite of legislative pressure to dumb down and industrialize the curriculum.

Ironically, the Wisconsin State Legislature, despite it's so-called "business" orientation doesn't want to cut UW System loose with public authority status. Why? Because the lawyers in the legislature don't believe a bunch of PhD's in business and economics are competent advisors in running a university system economically.

That's pretty interesting actually...


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