Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walker wants monopoly.


James Dionne said...

What about George Soros? Oh, you only call out rich political donors who you don't agree with? YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE AGAIN MARK. BTW the Koch brothers are more Libertarian than Republican. Look it up.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I'm sure if we did a chart on Goerge Soros, it would show Democrats are beholden to a billionaire who hates America!
(and a billionaire who is not even American!)

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Great point! I hit some of that point 5 weeks back, but the comment never got posted.

Our resident socratic attitude blogger made a big deal that Koch funds CATO. CATO supports legalization of gambling, drugs, prostitution, and passionately denounces corporate government bailouts!

Last I checked, those were all issue positions progressives agree with!!!!!

Methinks we should check the so-called Koch conspiracy in relation to Democrats and Unions!

Koch seems to support many Progressive causes as well.

That's why it is more appropriate to label the Koch brothers as "Libertarian" vs. Republican.

What I don't get is the vilification of the Koch brothers, since they support a good chunk of the progressive agenda....rather short sighted by progressives if you ask me.