Friday, February 11, 2011

This is where we live: Governor threatens state employees with National Guard.


No, really??

Walker says National Guard is prepared -

Gov. Scott Walker says the WisconsinNational Guard is prepared to respond if there is any unrest among state employees in the wake of his announcement that he wants to take away nearly all collective bargaining rights


Rich said...

I stopped commenting here because your claims and posts were getting so outlandish, but this one needs a comment -- you did read the article, not just that blurb, right? How is having the National Guard ready to cover prisons and other essential services if there is a work action threatening them? Being proactive just in case...

Mpeterson said...


You have to read this from the point of view of people who've been repeatedly told, by your party comrades, are a bunch of worthless parasites.

Plus, I'm not the only one who noticed the implied threat here... the national press picked it up immediately.

You see innocence everywhere Rich, from the motives of monster corporations who are eroding our democracy to the motives of Fox News.. the naivete is charming, but it's still naive.

I don't believe for a minute that Walker called out the guard in case of REAL rioting by a bunch of state accountants (a pretty funny image), but doing so sends a message to the rest of the population and it's this: "the national guard is ready to protect you in case these overpaid and whiny public employees start rioting."

We saw nothing but fiery claptrap from the right wing all during the election, smearing the public sector to score political points. The numbers were simply fabricated to sway voters into the belief that public sector employees are the "haves" stealing their tax dollars. The reality is that we earn less that private sector employees.

So, get over it. So long as I'm less outlandish than Owen, I'm still on firmer ground.

Rich said...

Oh yes, the same media that sees racism in any criticism of Obama. The same over the top headline writers looking to bring in a reader. Do you ever think that is not my believing innocence and you believing there is a hidden agenda? Going to join the truthers and their conspiracy theories? And you thought I did not trust government.

BTW, you are far more outlandish than the other local bloggers will ever be. Back to my self-imposed exile - not worth the time or frustration.

wbman said...

Rich, it was stupid statement to make. The corrections officers' union never uttered a word about striking. Walker made the threat purely for political theater.

wbman said...

Owen Robinson and his sycophants are pleased that public employees will be laid off, have their benefits cut, unions busted, and wages frozen or cut. It appeals to their need to "get even" with anyone whose lot in life is better than their own. Now, I personally don't have a problem with public employees paying into their pensions or paying more for their insurance. But Walker is playing to the chin-wiping mob by focusing on the usual scapegoat. Never mind that the plan will only save $300 million out of a $3.6 billion shortfall in 2011-2013; the schadenfreude is immensely satisfying.

Mpeterson said...

But, wbman, remember, this budget cutting is really designed to pay for tax cuts for Mr. Walker's owners. They'll be in great shape.

I guess the 10% cut in wages won't have any effect on the local economy.

And Rich, walk in my shoes for 20 minutes and you'd blush. That you don't understand this is not something I can fix. You have my best wishes.

Rich said...

I guess my self-imposed exile is over... Can't let ridiculous, moronic statements stand.

I don't understand it? Surely you jest. For whatever reason, the state employees do not think they need to be part of the solution. Only 10% for you? Lucky you! Mine was substantially more and some of the reasons were: Combined Reporting and the possibility of Cap and Trade in WI. Surely you will just blow it off as "I don't believe you, Rich", but sometimes the truth helps make a point to refute an emotional argument.

The overblowing of this story and the beautiful "Public Employees are paid less" by the EPI (made up of AFL-CIO, CWA, and best of all, Saul Alinsky's IAF), does not help your cause.

Owen said...

wbman, if you have a comment to me, please have the balls to actually address me.

Mpeterson said...

Rich, are you still under the impression that anything in Walker's budget is about budgeting?

Are you feeling oppressed or put upon or marginalized because public employees have a bit more shielding from economic ups and downs than you do? Or are you under the impression that it was pretty easy for, say, me to get the job I have? Or that I only work a few hours a day? Or that I haven't been paying my fair share of taxes in the state? Or that I'm overpaid? Or that I've ever had a single cost of living adjustment in the last 20 years? You seem to be under that impression.

Mainly I'm just hurt at the difference between Walker's letter to us (which was nice, actually, and quite reasonable) and the demonizing and divisive advertising campaign financed by Owen's buddies in Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity suggesting that public employees are just a bunch of "freeloaders" -- code for "privatize government and give us the contracts." You know, like they did with US embassy security overseas, or what Walker did with security in Milwaukee county.

So, why would I expect you'd be remotely interested in whether it's reasonable for public employees to expect to make middle class wages? My impression is that you, along with Governor Walker believe that no public employee should expect to ever be in the middle class. Is that what you think? Really?

I assume Owen here believes in Free Market solutions -- that would be great and even I'd go along with it if, of course, there was such a thing as a free market.

wbman said...

Classy as ever, Owen. And don't bother to actually RESPOND to what I wrote.