Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something we knew already. Wisconsin public workers underpaid

I've been asking Sen Grothman and Assemblywoman Strachota, for some years now, where oh where the money is going... and they don't know.

Why is that?

Because it's easier to blame those of us earning 4.8% less than private sector workers?

Report: Wisconsin public workers underpaid | The Business Journal

Government employees in Wisconsin receive 4.8 percent less in compensation for an hour of work than private-sector workers who perform similar duties, according to a report from the Economic Policy Institute.

The report came out on Thursday as state officials are considering pay cuts for public employees to balance the upcoming two-year state budget. The study compared public and private-sector worker wage, salary and benefit programs based on what type of work people performed and their education levels. It concluded that public workers are not overpaid, and that they are not the cause of, or solution to, current state budget deficits.

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