Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Kos: Wisconsin update: Majority of Wisconsin residents oppose Walker’s bill

How about that?

Will they come to the aid of their neighbors when the Tea Party rolls in it's muscle? :^)

Daily Kos: Wisconsin update: Majority of Wisconsin residents oppose Walker’s bill

This also appears to be the case with unions. Recent surveys from Pew and Clarus (PDF) do not give unions, in the abstract, very high marks from the public. The Clarus poll is particularly brutal. However, when the abstraction is removed and the people fighting for unions are your neighbors, your friends and your children’s teachers, then people tend to side with the union.

This point is demonstrated by the first non-partisan poll to ask Wisconsin residents what they thought of Governor Scott Walker’s controversial plan for public sector unions. According to the poll, a majority of Wisconsin residents don't like it:

We Ask America, 2/17, 2,397 adults, MoE 2.0

”As you may know, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed a plan to limit the pay of government workers and teachers, increase their share of the cost of benefits, and strip some public-employ unions of much of their power. We’d like to know if APPROVE or DISAPPROVE of Gov. Walker’s plan.”

Approve: 43%
Disapprove: 52%

While non-partisan, We Ask America is actually a conservative polling firm, according to Nate Silver.


Rich said...

Yeah, I saw that a day or two ago. I looked at their track record as I was interested in accuracy in the past. What I didn't like (and yes, I am biased, I have made my views pretty clear here) was that it was an automated poll but more importantly they were calling the Duffy race to fill Obey's spot a toss up right up to election day and in the end it was an 8 point win. I have to believe the internal polling by Walker and the opposition is giving a clearer picture, but who knows?

Based on previous debates you and I have had on Obamacare, external polls really shouldn't and most likely won't have an impact on a legislative issue.

James Dionne said...

Yeah I trust the Daily Kos as much as you trust Rush Limbaugh...

How about a legitimate polling company,Mark? Oh you don't like their results? You just keep on believing you side is in the majority. It sure will be a fun election.