Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fox News memos prove deliberate bias in reporting.

Shocking, but everyone can tell the difference between the front page of a newspaper and the op-ed page, right?


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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Media matters? You can't get a more biased, left wing, obsever to be a judge of media bias.

Fox admits its conservative bias. What is the problem? They have libs on all the time. that's when its most entertaining.

Alan Combs, Juan Williams, etc.

Fox gives liberal African Americans a chance, when a racist, government funded NPR, fires them for being African American.

No one got fired at NPR for the latest "gringo" comment. That was way more unforgivable then Juan Williams speaking his mind.

When was the last time NPR, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, admitted their left wing bias? Never?

People like Fox News because they are honest, open, and transparent about their conservative bias. they embrace it, and make no apologies for it. Liberals are ashamed to admit their journalistic bias.

That's the difference.

BTW, "Media Matters" is code for conservative media suppression. Media Matters happened to "miss" Sly's hateful comments of our female Christian Lt. Gov.