Monday, December 27, 2010

The REAL Reason Why the Tea Parties Were Stupid

The REAL Reason Why the Tea Parties Were Stupid « The Reality-Based Community


Ordinary Jill said...

I had a post on this topic last Spring. Here was my analogy for the original Boston Tea Party: Imagine if Wal-Mart obtained a special exemption to Wisconsin's minimum mark-up law for prescription drug sales. Now imagine that a bunch of irate employees of independent pharmacies put on blackface makeup, stormed a Wal-Mart pharmacy, stole its inventory of drugs and dumped them down the storm sewer. That's what the Boston Tea Party was like.

I think the modern "tea parties" have much more in common with the Whiskey Rebellion.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

You are missing the point of the Tea parties.

"TEA" stands for:

T axed
E nough
A lready

That is what this movement is all about. Less taxes. Less government. The right to be let alone from intrusive government.

Its funny that you turn the Tea party into a movement for higher taxes and more government oppression. That is what liberals do.

I thought the previous liberal PR was that the TEA Party movement was too stupid to effect political change, hence the non-intellectual "teabagger" insult.

It appears that liberals misjudged the TEA party big time.