Sunday, December 19, 2010

PolitiFact Names The Lie Of The Year: "Government Takeover Of Health Care"

Told ya so.

PolitiFact Names The Lie Of The Year: "Government Takeover Of Health Care" | Crooks and Liars


Kevin Scheunemann said...

When the government requires everyone to buy something....what do we call that?

Progressives seem to think its a "helpful reminder" vs. IRS force. If one fails to acquire the adequate level of health insurance, the IRS will fine you! (Except if you are McDonald's or Jack in the box, or some other company that got a special waiver from Obama to not obey the law! I didn't get the health care waiver like McDonald's, because I didn't kiss the Obama dictator ring on this issue.)

If the government requires you to do something, WITHOUT CHOICE, that is "government takeover", plain and simple! Is there a parallel reality in the UWWC philosophy department on this issue?

So I guess progressive are only "pro choice" when it comes to killing unborn children.

Why can't I be "pro choice" on level of health insurance I want to buy? (I especially don't want to support health insurance companys (private or government run)that covers or supports killing unborn children.)

Ohh called, progressives are all about taking away choice.

DanBack said...

Kevin - PLEASE start a blog. It's really easy. Just go to Blogger.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


It's a lot more fun to critique the professor.

Is that a problem?

I should think the professor would be honored that I take the time to add some excitement to his blog.

Kewaskumite said...

Kevin please stop with the straw man arguments. Me and my fellow progressives wanted HR676 the Single Payer Government Run Healthcare. Obamacare is just another government bail of private enterprise. It was nice gift Obama gave the insurance companies I am sure you would like if Obama ordered everyone to buy a Blizzard next year.

Anyways I digress, the point is that Obama turned his back on his campaign promise to support single payer. Just another another broken promise: I support a single payer system, I support net neutrality, I support closing Guantanamo...

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Health care "choice" is a "straw man" argument?

Government forcing you to buy something is not a takeover?

Why is "choice" not a "straw man" argument when it comes to abortion?

This is the problem with progressives...they claim to be for choice, but then want/advocate legislation banning all other single payer health insurance.

This "anti-choice" advocacy is the problem with the progressive movement.

The Lord of Everything in Existence said...

Funny how Kevin accuses Professor Petersen of stereotyping Tea Party members and yet Kevin lumps progressives together since apparently no progressive can't think for themselves.

As for health care, maybe you ought to give this guy a read and before you shout "progressive," the author admits that he is a center-right Republican who has voted with the Republican Party 80% of the time: