Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Family Research Council hates being labelled a hate group despite being a hate group.

SPLC Responds to Attack by FRC, Conservative Republicans | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center


Kevin Scheunemann said...

You know what is amazing?

"Progressives" willing to label the FRC a "hate group", but ignore leftist groups with hate and contempt for Christians, including Islamofacist regimes.

You don't see the right wing defend Christian executions in Packistan, but many left wing groups will defend Islam and Sharia law, executing people for their beliefs? Do you know what typical Islam does for gay rights and women's rights? Yet "progressives" seem to rush to the defense of that religion, but will criticize the peaceful religions, like Christianity. Christianity only discourages sinful behavior. Islam executes people for sinful behavior. Where should your so-called "tolerance" criticism be placed? It certainly is not the FRC by comparison Its a pretty pathetic double standard liberals have.

When you filter the the leftist defense of Islamic hate out of the leftist side of the aisle, maybe then you can throw a stone from your glass house. If you can get past your pre-disposed hate toward Christians, that is.

Grant said...

SPLC didn't label Christianity a hate group. It labled the Family Research Council a hate group.

Most Christian churches and organizations don't attack gays and lesbians with vicious hate speech. And some even profess a Christ-like attitude toward homosexuality.

How many times would I have to call you a pedophile on national television for you to conclude that I hate you?