Saturday, December 25, 2010

Charlie Sykes flings feces for ratings?

Coal in Charlie's stocking.

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Charlie Sykes says the University of Wisconsin will spend most of its Rose Bowl money on a junket for politically connected officials


Kevin Scheunemann said...

I was listening when Charlie made this comment. It was hyperbole. He was making fun of Jim Doyle, perhaps the most corrupt governor in the history of WI.

"Politifact" has no credibility after claiming "government takeover of health care" was the biggest political lie of the year. When government forces everyone to buy or prove health care coverage, OR FACE FINES, that is pure and simple government takeover.

"Politifact" says that isn't a government takeover of our health care decisions. God knows how many of our heatlth care choices have to be violated before "Politiact" would declare it government oppression!

When people are denied drugs and procedures by government under the Obamacare bill, (like Medicare and Medicaid do now) would "politifact" consider that a "government takeover"? Probably can't fix the stupid over at "Politifact".

wbman said...

Except that the slogan implies the government is seizing the industry.

And every time Sykes, Belling, or Limbaugh get caught in a lie, it's excused as "he was joking", "he's an entertainer, not a journalist", or as Kevin says, "It was hyperbole".

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So seizing my choice about whether or not to have health ins., is NOT "government takeover"?

When government mandate's someone to buy something from a particular industry (corporate welfare), government has taken over the market forces of that industry. Its a whopper of a lie to imply this isn't a government takeover.