Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and the Republicans

We live in an era when Barry Goldwater would no longer be considered a "conservative." This is partly the reason why:

Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and the Republicans



Kevin Scheunemann said...

I'll bite.

How would Barry Goldwater NOT be considered conservative today?

What I'm fascinated by is: Russ and Tom never use the word "Democrat", "liberal", or "progressive" in their commercials. Russ andd Tom bend over backwards to appear conservative.

Its not Glenn Beck ruining the definition of "conservative", ITS DEMOCRATS ASHAMED OF WHO THEY REALLY ARE, BY LABELING THEMSELVES (or making themselves appear) CONSERVATIVE WHEN THEY REALLY ARE NOT!

I suggest Democrats get a chant they can be proud of, "I'm big government and I'm proud!" You can do it...just say it.


"I want government running your life!"

Is that so hard? Why are Democrats ashamed of what they really advocate?

larryteufel said...

Legitimate news organizations are shrinking and dying. Fox News grows with the likes of Glenn Beck. I wake up nights in cold sweats.

sofa said...

We live in an era when JFK would be potrayed as an "extremist" right winger in the lame-stream-media-for-hire.

sofa said...

larry you devil- The media became the spin meisters for the state, and people saw through that. The media committed suicide when they ceased being 'legitimate news organizations' and mimicked 'Pravda'.

What keeps you up at night is what gives me hope.

People are getting news from many other sources, and comparing and evaluating the facts and the spin. The better informed populace is turning on both parties and demanding their Liberty. Kewl.