Monday, September 13, 2010

Ron Johnson supports government aid for businesses.

Mr. Johnson was only ahead as long as he didn't say anything. Now, we'll have to see.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Let me get this straight.

So Russ Feingold providing stimulus to FAKE people is OK?


Ron Johnson providing actual jobs to real Wisconsin residents is bad?

I don't get it. So when Republicans use stimulus, with better results than Russ Feingold, that is bad? Is "stimulus" all about controlling the points of view of those who get it?

Democrats using stimulis is a "holy" act, even if its wasted, but Republicans using it to be productive, and providing real jobs, is to be scorned?

Ouch, thats a fairly Stalinist system you are advocating.

Until you criticize Russ Feingold for giving stimulus money to fake people, your post about Ron Johnson makes me belly laugh from the absurdity of your position.

alan markus said...

Looks like Feingold got caught in a lie here:
Johnson, ex-Commerce secretaries defend use of revenue bonds

Feingold should have paid attention to my comment the other day at Ron Johnson Got 4M In Government Aid:
"Let's see, if you read the article (which seems to contradict the headline)and apply some logic, you would know that the headline is a liberal media lie - I doubt Media Matters would look at it that way, though. To me, borrowing $4 Million dollars, paying that back + interest does not compute to "$4Million in Government Aid". The $$ Million comes from private investors, not the government. The only "aid" is the spread on the interest rate between market bonds and tax exempt bonds (the buyers of the bonds assume greater risk for a public purpose in exchange for no income tax on the interest that they earn). Is Feingold really that clueless? Good Grief!"

Here's from the Journal article:
"The ad is incorrect on two fronts. The grant for a rail spur for Pacur occurred on March 15, 1979, several months before Johnson joined the firm in June 1979. Second, a TV news anchor in the Feingold ad says Johnson "got a government loan."

Industrial revenue bonds are not government loans. The money involved in an industrial revenue bond normally comes from a lender such as a bank."

I'll let you know how PolitiFact Wisconsin treats this on the truth meter. So far, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is the first one (and so far, only) ad to rate a "Pants on Fire".

I predict another "Barely True" for Feingold - the other one was his "Ron Johnson is "willing to hand over the Great Lakes to the oil companies." statement.