Friday, September 10, 2010

Republican Leadership silent on Book Burning

Because they don't want to alienate their base.

Republican Leadership on Book Burning: No Comment

To my dear moderate Republican friends... please take back your party.

Soon would be good.



James Dionne said...

Duh Mark, if we could or would *all* just ignore this ignorant asshole about to burn a copy of the Qur'an, we wouldn't have a billion Muslims worldwide pissed off at America now would we? But no, the media has to get the story and then discuss how we feel about this situation ad nauseam 24 hours a day on TV and the internet, thus inflaming the cultures who know nothing about how 99.9% of America really feels about this butthead. The dummy media falls right into giving the publicity this jerkwad craves. Nice job liberal media. They do the same thing for the horrible excuses of human beings that protest military funerals. And another thing the Conservatives don't blame Democrats when Greenpeace blows up whaling ships do they? Or when PETA burns down legitimate scientific research facilities? Then please stop blaming the conservatives when some religious wacko does something stupid. Bringing dumb politics into a crazy situation like this could just backfire on the you lefties, ya know?

JPenterman said...

The media is liberal?
It's a business.

alan markus said...

Why should the Republicans respond to attempts to make this a partisan issue? Seems pretty responsible on their part to not do so. Mainstream Media is responsible for creating this controversy - called feeding the trolls.

In any event, sounds like the pastor accomplished something - isn't going to actually burn any books, got 15 minutes of fame, exposed Islamic violence and religious intolerance, and plenty of hypocrisy.

As an aside, funny how the libs got all excited about making the connection between Rev. Jones & Rush Limbaugh attending the same high school - 2000 students. Big "aha" moment - part of the whole "conservatives gone wild" meme. These were the same mental giants that would say that Obama sitting in Reverend Wright's pew for 20 years means "nothing".

Oh well, enjoy life in your "bubble".