Monday, August 30, 2010

When Fox News supports a candidate for governor, they lie about Wisconsin Beer?


What's Worse: Scott Walker Lying about Tom's Jobs Record or Lying About Wisconsin Beer?

-- which, by the way, constitutes a sin against the Holy Spirit.



Kevin Scheunemann said...

No one made the claim the bar in the ad was in Wisconsin.

What is a lie is Russ Feingold claiming Elizabeth Ackland is a WI resident and was helped by Federal stimulus $$$.

Any rational person would see that is much, much worse of a sin against the Holy Spirit...why haven't you addressed Russ's sins?

Russ has been fairly unrepentant wasting tax money on someone who does not exist.

Mpeterson said...

Take a breath Kevin, no need to work yourself up over nothing.

Feingold is prudent with our tax dollars in ways no Republican President has been -- ever. Debt as a percentage of GDP has only ever gone up during Republican administration. That's ironic, don't you think. But Russ is demonstrably one of the thriftiest Senators ever, as all the awards from nonpartisan tax groups demonstrate.

They used a fake name because of how badly your lunatic right winger friends harassed 12 year old Graeme Frost. Of course.

But hey, have you noticed your sense of humour has gone missing lately? I said that screwing up on beer when you're a Wisconsin politician was a sin against the Holy Spirit, and you freak out like this. It's hyperbole for heaven's sake.

Is something bothering you these days you'd like to get off your chest? Or don't Dairy Queen franchisers do Good Humor? ;^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So the level of scrutiny of the political ad is solely determined by whether or not you think the candidate is "prudent" with our tax dollars?

In that case, shouldn't Walker's ad get less scrutiny than Feingold? I don't remember Walker voting for a $800 billion porkulous package and voting to raise the Federal debt ceiling.

Did I come off harsh in the previous post?

alan markus said...

Actually, debt & spending correlates to what party is in control of Congress, not who is President.

Correlating the economy to who is President makes for the bumper sticker version. Takes a little work to layer the trendlines over the Congressional terms, but once it is done, it becomes visible:
Proof:Democrats At Fault for Recession

Mpeterson said...

A stimulus package made necessary by economic theories you believe in?

Um, I'd say you've been a bit strident lately... but it echoes the Beck pole of your party pretty nicely.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So when you are "strident", it's all in good fun.

When I do it, I'm part of the "Beck pole" of the party?

Is "Beck pole" supposed to be the newest insult from the left, like "teabagger"?

Lol....that was a good one on stimulus helping the economy...hilarious. I'm impressed with your comedic talent.

Tom said...

Kevin, I agree with you that the stimulus package hasn't worked. It wasn't large enough, by a long shot. Of course, I follow the Krugman line of thinking.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Here's the dirty secret, stimulus tends to go to the rich! Large costruction company cronies of Democrats. Why did Jim Doyle get the trains from Europe? Jim Doyle crony.

What if you cut payroll/SS taxes on workers instead? Put $$$ in hands of workers and small business?

That is stimulus, not idiots in Washington DC trying to pretend they know what is good for everyone everywhere.

The masters in DC are not that smart.

More stimulus in the Feingold sense, is a design to make us Greece, a socialist disaster.

larryteufel said...

caFor Fox News to donate to a candidate is just plan wrong. I guess the tea baggers are not putting their money where their mouth is.

Tom said...

"What if you cut payroll/SS taxes on workers instead? Put $$$ in hands of workers and small business?"

It is already being implemented - for the past year (at least) my paychecks have been noticeably larger.

If you think the "stimulus" package is all about roads and construction, you're wrong. It is a multi-faceted program even if you personally are not seeing it.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin doesn't want money going into the hands of his workers. He wants it in his hands.

But Tom's right, I'm seeing the same thing.

Maybe Kevin hasn't seen much tax relief because he's in the oppressed class of people earning over $250k a year. Must be awful Kev. Only two trips to Florida and Door County this year? ;^)