Monday, August 23, 2010

There they go again: complaining about the debt while cutting taxes for the rich.

Coffee's on, my conservative companeros.

Op-Ed Columnist - Bush Tax Cuts - Now That’s Rich -


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Maybe Russ Feingold should stop spending stimulis money that, evidently, employs fake people (aka Elizabeth Ackland) in WI.

Just a thought.

Mpeterson said...

Maybe Ron Johnson should own up to accepting ear mark money for the Oshkosh Opera house... something which, by contrast, did happen.

Mpeterson said...

but it is easier to throw chaff than address the actual point of the article.... the bankruptcy and incoherence of your economic principles.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Not wanting to be a complete slave to D.C. politicians and bureaucrats is "incoherence" and "bankruptcy"?

Can't Russ find anyone in WI helped by the $800 billion porkulous package?

I'll criticize Ron for the Opera house least he spent it on somthing real.

The point is: If we stop wasting money at the Federal level, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, there would be no debt problem. It's a government spending problem, not a government taxing problem.

Don't you look at the US debt clock web site. You could take everything from everyone for Federal government consumption and it still would not be enough to satisfy all the debt, unfunded liabilities, and entitlement promises. Oh, and we will destroy the greatest nation to ever exist in the process.

This is what "progressives" don't get.