Monday, August 16, 2010

Scott Walker: pants on fire?

YouTube - Scott Walker: Can't Trust Him to Tell The Truth

Hmm. No surprises here.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Pretty weak....

Tom Barrett has backed huge water rate increases which has caused jobs to leave Milwaukee.

When a some businesses threatened to leave over the hikes, he proposed special "water deals" just for that business!

Tom Barrett advocates a disgusting, unlevel, and random playing field when it comes to who gets can get what you want, if you kiss his ring.

Mpeterson said...

Kissing the ring is your gig Kevin. Your economics and politics are designed to increase power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Barrett's done the opposite -- he believes in democracy. You believe in plutocracy. That's why your views have always been in the minority -- no working Americans in their right minds think it's better to kiss the ring of the wealthy.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Attacking employers and businesses is attacking working Americans.

You complain a lot about jobs, business, employers, and the many jobs have you created with your savings, investment, and hard work?

If job creation is so easy, why don't you help job creation along by also being an "employer"?

Mpeterson said...

You're completely out of touch with the reality of working people Kevin. You have this cute little business and you're nice to your employees.

Wake up.

And I never complain about jobs or employers... I complain about injustice and unfairness. But, again, your point of view is unable to interpret those terms in any other way but as attacks against business owners. That's pretty interesting, don't you think?

Mpeterson said...

Grin, and why don't I create some jobs? Because that's not *my* job.

My job is to create capable citizens who possess a set of skills applicable to both self-governance and to working in many different jobs.

I could ask you why you don't start making your fellow citizens better instead of making them worse by feeding, and profiting from, an obesity epidemic that's raising our insurance rates and will raise our taxes as insurers go bankrupt trying to keep up? You're not a businessman Kevin, you're a pimp for fat. You don't create jobs, you create diabetes. ;^)