Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More flying monkeys.

Another reader misses the point.

Personally I'm not happy about crazily spending Congresses, and the current bunch are all Democrats -- but notice how the letter ignores the key idea: that Republicans are not thrifty in the way the right wing goldfish bowl believes.

Nonetheless, the flying monkeys seem to be distracting everyone.

Credit Dems for latest $3 trillion debt

Let’s see now, according to Mark Peterson’s latest ravings, a commercial about this country’s $3 trillion debt is not only propaganda, it’s Republican-backed.

Not once is the word, “Republican,” spoken. So my guess is Mr. Peterson has some inside information or he’s somewhat embarrassed that his Democrat buddies are the ones who gave us this debt.

Actually, my take on this ad was exactly what it was – an ad to tell all politicians to quit digging us into a deeper hole.

If a $3 trillion debt is just a case of propaganda, I wonder what amount Mr. Peterson would consider an actual debt: $10 trillion, $20 trillion? Or maybe he’s waiting for a whole new number yet to be named.

He also attacks Rick Berman’s attack of ACORN, an “advocacy” group that’s been charged with so many illegal activities it makes you wonder if Mr. Peterson was a major contributor.

No matter what spin Mr. Peterson puts on what he calls “truthy facts,” the fact is it took a Democratic-controlled Congress to pass the huge spending bills and a Democrat president to sign them – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

So Mr. Peterson, after reading your column about flying monkeys providing entertaining political distraction, it seems to me you’re the one trying to distract from your Democrats who gave us this $3 trillion – and still climbing – debt.

Lionel Remillard Allenton


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Why is anyone that disagrees with you throwing around "flying monkeys"?

Are you sure that you don't adopt the Saul Alinsky rules for radicals: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”?

So any issue not important to you is a "flying monkey"?

alan markus said...

"Another reader misses the point"

I suspect most readers sometimes miss your point.

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Marshwood said...

Kevin, you forgot to criticize Tom Barrett or Obama in that comment. Are you feeling ok?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


The point of the article was: if you criticize the wild and drunken spending of the Obama administration...you are throwing "flying monkeys."

Instead of an honest discussion of issues, the Cow is practicing the Saul Alinsky method of discussion.

Why do we not worry about the environmental impact of the federal government's gorging consumption accruing $3 trillion in debt in last 2 years? But yet we worry about the consumption of children's school supplies????

Who has the "flying monekeys"?