Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Local Pharisee shows her true colors and agenda.

"Holier than thou," thy name is Ginny.

WISSUP = WISCONSIN SPEAKS UP: Local Librarian Shows True Colors/Agenda for Youth

Ginny, complaining about the dust mote in your sister's eye is hardly the straight road to heaven... especially when you have to invent the dust mote to have something to talk about.


Miss West Bend said...


My comments on her hate...

Local_MLIS_Student said...

Why does she feel it necessary to visit and post content from the librarian's personal Facebook account? What is it supposed to prove?

::shaking head::

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Shouldn't you save that name calling for Russ?

He makes up people in his TV ads because he cannot find 1 real person in WI that has been helped by the porkulus package he is so proud of. Elizabeth Ackland has been long dead.

(Didn't you just praise Russ for being a fiscal conservative and he cannot find 1, live, breathing person helped by the wastful porkulus package in WI...how embarrassing for you and Russ.)

Ginny gets criticism from you for honest, FACTUAL, criticism of what is actually in the children's section of the library....and Russ gets a pass from you for lying and making people up in his campaign commercials?

Are you the Sanhedrin of UWWC? The Sanhedrin used to prop up corrupt, lying, government officials and persecute Christians as well.

Local_MLIS_Student said...

Kevin - stop hijacking threads.

DanBack said...

Kevin is trolling again. When Ginny starts using facts I'll eat my hat in Old Settlers Triangle.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

MLIS, Dan,

I just find it interesting you want to talk about Ginny for repeating what is actually in the library and what is actually on someone's facebook page, while...

1.) Tom Barret calls himself an environmentalist, but yet is in charge of the biggest and most disgusting water polluter in the state, MMSD.

2.) Russ Feingold is so desparate to claim stimulus helped people in WI, he has to make people up in his camapign commercials! Claiming to help ficticious or dead people is not the act of an honest politician. It's definitely not the act of a "fiscal conservative" as erroneously portrayed on this blog.

Ginny is neither running for governor or U.S. Senate. Aren't you ashamed that you hold Ginny to a higher standard than lying, corrupt Democratic politicians?

Perhaps if you held Russ and Tom to any standards, they wouldn't be the sewer sludge embarssment they are right now.

Mpeterson said...

Here's the Kevin technique for posting.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


How is that any different than what you posted about Scott Walker?

The Scott Walker post makes it sound like sticking up for property rights, by repealing the smoking ban, is a bad thing. (How this smoking ban Nazism reconciles with advocacy of legalized marijuana...no liberal has been able to explain the inconsistency.)

In Tom Barrett's case, sewer dumping IS a bad thing and you should call him out on it.

Russ making people up and lying in his TV ads is also a bad thing. (Something you seem willing to do with Ron Johnson---even when its accurate.)

Until you get outraged over these 2 political office holders lying and polluting, without apology, I don't think you can criticize a private citizen, for reporting what is going on in the library, with any credibility.

Local_MLIS_Student said...


I just find it interesting that you want to throw mud at Democrats while...

1) Ginny makes up controversies by thinking that random items that someone "likes" on Facebook book equates to that person pushing an agenda on kids.

2) This thread isn't about you.

Mpeterson said...

All the threads on this blog are about Kevin. Hasn't he made that clear enough? ;^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...


So throwing "mud" at Democrats, public officials no less, running for political offices that affect everyone, is verboten.


throwing "mud" at a private citizen, not running for office, trying to improve the local library for children, is to be praised?

I just question the double standards of criticism on this blog.

If someone could provide me a rulebook on why its OK for Barrett and Feingold to lie and pollute without apology, but its not OK for a private citizen to expose the truth about a local librarian's political agenda, who is a public servant?

I thirst for an intellectually honest explanation.

Local_MLIS_Student said...

"throwing "mud" at a private citizen, not running for office, trying to improve the local library for children, is to be praised?"

No, I don't praise Ginny's mud throwing. Thanks.