Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Johnson Willing to Raise Taxes on Homeowners

But not on his corporate buddies...

Johnson Willing to Raise Taxes on Homeowners « Russ Feingold


larryteufel said...

No surprise here. We'll see how he flip flops on this one. Why are they so drunk on giving the top one percent their tax cut?

Mpeterson said...

That, Larry, is something I cannot plumb except to grasp as something completely obvious... they work for the top 1% and will do whatever is required to see to it that wealth continues to be concentrated in the hands of fewer people.

Now we can wait for Kevin to explain how tax cuts for a few people creates jobs -- even when it's been demonstrated not to -- and how it's socialism to think otherwise -- which it is, even though America is and has been a "socialist" state in that sense of the word since 1930 something -- and how Obama wasn't born in the US .

larryteufel said...

There was another letter to the editor again the other day blaming civil servants and teachers (anytime there is blame they have to bring the teachers into the discussion). I got the feeling that the writer had no idea of what their wages are, except that they are paid to much. I wish more would have read the discussion a few days ago about the what they are paying for in the TIF districts and subsidizing public services for the big box retailers. Yet, they hold the Koch brothers, Sam Waltons family, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates and the lot so dear to their hearts.

JPenterman said...

Off topic - slightly

Wal-Mart and the Plantation Economy (August 24, 2010)


larryteufel said...

That was a excellent article about plantation economy. I never heard of the term, so I learned something. Thank you.
My reference to Wal Mart was for the TIF project on Paradise Ave in West Bend. It is my understanding that TIF's are for blighted areas of a city to be developed. I think the land where they built Wal Mart development was mostly farm land and a few houses were moved/torn down. I wouldn't consider that blighted. Anyway, the propriety taxes are frozen for the TIF district. The propriety taxes collected from the development go to pay the city guaranteed loans for the infrastructer. None of the propriety taxes are used for public services such as police, fire, snow plowing (Paradise Ave.) whatever. The rest of the propriety tax payers pick up the tab for that. The storefronts of that development seem to be kept full. The area behind the retail stores I don't think is doing very well. The few times I have been back there seems pretty dark. Again, other taxpayers are picking up the tab of this under utilized propriety. There are other TIF in the city I think are even less successful than this one. These were all developed before the real estate bust.
I don't understand why conservatives are so concerned about the top one percent earners. Yet, they subsidize gleefully city services for these TIF's. The big box stores are probably the biggest user of police and medical services. Why can't they pay for that? It also gives a unfair advantage over their competition.