Friday, August 27, 2010

Germany works better, harder, and more efficiently than we do.

Socialism does work. Shocking.

"Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?": America's misguided culture of overwork - Nonfiction -


Kevin Scheunemann said...

And we are to ignore the Greece-like, socially destructive debt crisis Germany has?

Germany is further down the path of Greece style economic destruction...and you want us to be more like Germany?

Think of the children.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin, you really have to stop making stuff up when you post. Spinning is okay, and I'm even kind of okay with even your most egregious trolls, but outright lying is just stupid. You eventually get caught. I guess you've been getting away with it for so long that you think it doesn't matter anymore?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Which part was a lie?

Greece has public debt of 127% of GDP.

We can agree that the attempted "austerity" measures in Greece has destabilized that country.

Germany is at 81% debt to GDP ratio and is starting to feel the pain of a bloated public sector.

U.S., thanks to Obama (and Bush) has zoomed to 62% of GDP for a public debt ratio. (first time over 60% of GDP since WW II)

You advocate the U.S. travel further down the path of economic destruction?

Mpeterson said...

Well, all of it Kev, as you well know.

But yes, you have me. Despite everything I've ever said, I want the US to continue further down the path of economic destruction caused by the economic policies you espouse. I guess that about wraps it up, eh?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

When you enlarge the public sector to such a point where you promise lavish public benefits you describe, it wrecks the economy.

Those promises, as you see at US debt, are unsustainable. Rationing will eventually occur, followed by economic, social, or government collapse.

Would you want to move to Greece today? I wouldn't.

We already have unsustainable public social promises and you want to slow down worker productivity and keep making new public sector social promises?


Mpeterson said...

Actually, Greece is great. I spent about a month there a lifetime ago. I watched a fisherman's union protest against EU taxes blockade the port in Kalymnos... as the afternoon wore on union loyalty was eventually beaten by the need for an afternoon siesta. This seemed to be an eminently wise culture.

As for debt, if we stopped sending tax dollars into the military industrial complex and pushed taxation back to Clinton era levels, we'd be back in the black in no time.

The rest of your comments are your typical misdirection.

My suggestion is that you start selling grilled octopus in garlic butter along with a nice retsina.

You'd be happier and you'd realize that living well is more important than trying to defend your untestable economic models.

Just my opinion.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

"Greece is great" sums up the hilarity of your comments.

Aspiring the U.S. to be like Greece is like asking Ford to be like Government Motors.

Aspiring to failure...and making everyone else pay for it.

Mpeterson said...

You need to start reading things more carefully. ;^)