Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scott Walker Spends Recklessly on Campaign, Just Like He Does In Milwaukee County (7/20/10)

Hmmm. Shocked.

Scott Walker Spends Recklessly on Campaign, Just Like He Does In Milwaukee County (7/20/10)


James Dionne said...

What are you a Mark Neuman supporter now as well? Are you feeling OK?
This idea he's trying to pin on Walker that he is a huge spender is absolutely laughable when you look closely at the actual numbers. He pretty much only refinanced the huge debt that the previous county exec had dumped on him, actually saving the county millions over the next twenty years but fiscal morons like Neuman lump that debt as an increase all in one budget year. It's grasping at straws, really. Plus, just about every single veto Walker put in the budget to decrease other budget spending was overturned by the Democratic controlled board. Walker is about as fiscally responsible as they get. The Dems are scared because he has that teflon coating as well.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

This is probably the biggest piece of misinformation you have ever posted.

When you take the refinancing of previous county debt to lower interest rates out of the expenditure equation, it shows a strong record of fiscal responsibility. Demoncrats are "double counting" responsible debt restructuring as expenditure
(Most of which was incurred by irresponsible Democrat Tom Ament.)

What you should do is check out recent Tom Barret press release essentially throwing his party to the wolves over the State Supreme Court slap down of Doyle's illegal $200 million raid of the patients fund in 2007!

Barrett essentially acknowledges Democrats have been fiscally irresponsible in Madison!

Now that is interesting and worthy of Motely Cow coverage!

Mpeterson said...

Tiddly pom. We'll see.

Mpeterson said...

lol. The biggest piece of disinformation I've ever published was referring to you, Kevin, as a conservative. ;^)