Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ron Johnson (R-BP), Waffling on Selling his BP Stock

Self-destructing already? And he hasn't even explained accepting government earmarks to fix up his Opera house up there in Oshkosh.


In the meantime... this:

YouTube - MSNBC: Ron Johnson (R-BP) is Full of BS For Waffling on Selling his BP Stock


James Dionne said...

What are you scared he's going to win?

Mpeterson said...

Not so much. He's having to lie, pretty blatantly, in his ads right now to keep ahead of Feingold. Once he has to use the truth people will see him as another rich guy who wants to be a Senator.

And then his apologists, like my disagreeing reader, Mr. Gannon, will have to use the truth too -- like the truth that Republican, not Democratic, majorities are responsible for the largest bits of deficit spending in US history.