Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Republican Senator Says He Backs Birther Lawsuits

I guess what with the BP Oil Spill getting dull, and the wars overseas grinding on, one Republican is starting to set up the Democrats to lose in November.

Republican Senator Says He Backs Birther Lawsuits - ABC News


xoff said...

And where is Ron Johnson on this one? Ask him before his handlers give him the answer.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

If we want to talk about frivolous lawsuits....

Why not the Federal government lawsuit against Arizona?

Didn't the Motely Cow just get done celebrating the Federal Judge overturning the Federal Ban on gay marriage, upholding state rights on the issue?

This means you should be denoucing the Obama frivolous lawsuit attacking state rights in AZ?

The "birther" lawsuit will get tossed and forgotten about....however the Obama lawsuit could possibly do serious damage to a state's right to enforce the law.

Mpeterson said...

We had that whole Civil War thing about states' rights. You should stop fighting it.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


but off point.

Arizona is not asking to, or attempting to, exit the Union. Arizona is merely attempting to enforce Federal law that D.C. refuses to enforce.

Obama should then change Federal Law rather than sue a state for enforcing Federal law.

How stupid is that?

If you are upset about the "birther" lawsuit, you need to be more indignant about the Obama lawsuit. In the scale of legal absurdity, its much worse. Suing a state for trying to do what Federal law says...if such a lawsuit were to succeed, it paralyze the nation.

People would have to evaluate whether they would get in trouble for following Federal Law.

Mpeterson said...

That's something I hadn't heard. Which Federal Law is Arizona enforcing?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Here's a good analysis between the AZ state immigration law and federal law:


The new AZ state law merely empowers state law enforcement and state agencies to act without waiting on Federal agencies.

When a Wash. Co. Sherrif's Deputy was killed in a high speed chase led by an illegal, driving under the influence, in Kewaskum, local authorities had to wait for Federal government to act for deportation. It took weeks. The AZ state law allows state agencies to act where the Federal government has failed.

So Obama is suing to make AZ authorities suffer under inaction of Feds...that is the king of worthless lawsuits.

So you should be consistent on criticizing worthless lawsuits. I'm willing to say both lawsuits are frivolous...are you?

Mpeterson said...

States are not allowed, as I understand it, to enter into international treaties, are they?