Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The real poop on tenure in the universities.

What happens when the NYTimes lets Harvard stand in for the real world in the lives of university faculty...

Dianetics for Higher Ed? - Brainstorm - The Chronicle of Higher Education

I'll refer local readers to the salary differentials between UW Madison and the rest of UW System.



Kevin Scheunemann said...

Why are you so surprised that a panel of unelected bureaucrats in Madison do something irrational?

This is the "progressive" vision...everyone having to curtsy to irrational government bureaucrats in Madison and D.C for compensation and their livlihood.

What surprises me is you have the audacity to advocate a "progressive" vision and then complain about it when the results of that vision in practice completely discount your talents, ability, and accomplishment in terms of pay.

Thats what big government progressivism does to everybody, diminish their time, talents, and accomplishment to the collectivist state, discouraging individual achievement and accomplishment.

Don't be surprised if Board of Regents propose a pay cut next year.

Mpeterson said...

You keep providing illustrations of ways to misunderstand something. It isn't the bureaucracy that's causing the trouble, but backward's law makers who believe that a market economy can do a better job of 'educating' people -- a system that reduces everyone to functionaries of the economic system. They're the problem Kev.

Ironically, those business solutions end up by making people functions of an economic, rather than political system and, in that way, removes the power from the individual in the form of the ballot and relocates it in the wallet of the few.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

It's the incentive or disincentive of the economic system that adds or detracts from production.

Production and GDP tend to decline per capita the larger government gets, which declines standard of living for all.

You are arguing, with a so-called "progressive" philosophy, individual disincentive to work and production.

So complete Democrat control of the last 2 years in Madison was still "backwards" in your view?

If that is the case, I can't imagine how much bigger you want the Madison spending, taxes, and deficit, than the disaster of the past 2 years....I shutter just thinking about it. How big and thick do you want our tax slave chains to be?

Mpeterson said...

lol. We do not disagree about Madison, only about whether or not America is a corporation or a country.

I know I'm more and more out of date, but I still want us to be a country.

And a funny realization struck me this afternoon while I was hanging upside down and backwards installing insulation... what's most annoying about the new-Right wingers -- I include you along with the recent (past 20 years) Randian acolytes -- and it took me a year to figure this out... is that you sound PRECISELY like a batch of true believers I spent most of my undergraduate years arguing with.... and with equally dismal success.

Moral I never learned: you can't argue with True Believers.

Ironically, that batch of True Believers were all college aged members of the American Communist Party.

Strangely, but for some surprisingly minimal twists of content, you don't sound any different from the youthful True Believers at the other end of the political spectrum.

That's interesting, don't you think?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

True believer in the idea that people will not work, achieve, and produce, if government, via tax and regulatory policy, takes away the incentive to production....

Yes, guilty as charged.

What I'm confused by is: You seem to rail on Madison and D.C. acquiring power, but constantly advocate policies to strongly concentrate power in the hands of Madison and DC.

There is medication for that.

(By increasing the concentration of power, you only make the stakes higher for those who spend all their time trying to control the political apparatus...that willl never change. Solution is to take power away from DC and Madison, not give them more.)

Mpeterson said...

Yes, the medication for taking power out of the hands of individuals is to put that power back in their hands... but in a polity that's accomplished by guaranteeing that our votes count for more than our money.

Your true belief is not a function of what you believe Kevin, but your single minded certainty that your beliefs are true -- despite evidence to the contrary. I know you didn't read Plato, where this is spelled out pretty clearly, but you might have a look at Eric Hoffer.