Monday, July 19, 2010

Michael Bloomberg Endorses Tom Barrett for Wisconsin Governor


Kevin Scheunemann said...

One big government liberal endorsing another big government liberal....

Sarcasm surplus warning: I'm shocked, just shocked.

So does this mean Bloomberg supports wasting $800 million on a choo choo train from Madison to Milwaukee in these tough times for rich Madison/Milwaukee lawyers?

xoff said...

I hope he sends a check

Mpeterson said...

Not as much fun when an independent Republican says something smart, is it?

You're too used to the other kind.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


"Independent" Republican?

I think the term you were looking for on Bloomberg was "RHINO" or "Mary Panzer liberal" or "Country Club elite".

Funny how political point of view creates "diverse" honesty on the labels.

Mpeterson said...

What I've noticed, since you were around 10, is that even Barry Goldwater is no longer sufficiently conservative or Republican for either you or your fellow travelers.

That tells my your political "ideology" is merely plausible deniability to let you shill for the oligarchs who hope one day to join.

The rest of the political yakyak is just posturing.