Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mark Belling: A liar or just an idiot?

You make the call.

Personally, I suspect him of not being an idiot.

Belling unjustly slams great lawyer

I am a retired judge and have practiced law as district attorney
and in private practice and as a judge in Washington County for over
50 years. I have known James Pouros for almost 40 of those years. To
say the least, I could not recognize him from Mark Belling’s
description in the Wednesday paper.
To say that Pouros has “scant court room experience” is simply a
lie. Pouros has practiced in court from the time he came to West Bend
as a young lawyer. The judges of this county have appointed him time
and time again to represent persons in court on many types of cases.
He has tried many jury trials – both criminal and civil.
While all the candidates for appointment had to be qualified,
Pouros was the most qualified based on his many years of experience in
all aspects of the law. To malign him, as Belling and the letter
writer in that same edition did, is to put personal animosity over
James Pouros is the dean of the Washington County Bar. I know of
no lawyer or judge who does not have the greatest respect for him as a
lawyer and a person. I certainly will support him in his election bid.
A judge should be impartial, not connected to political
philosophy. Belling and his like cannot accept this.
To characterize Pouros as a liberal is simply ridiculous. His
Republican credentials are impeccable. He is a conscientious, hard-
working lawyer and will be the same as a judge. I certainly trust that
the voters will recognize this and not let a few zealots malign a good
person and deprive Washington County of a most qualified judge.

Richard T. Becker, Hartford


DanBack said...


James Dionne said...

You realize you're defending a Republican, Mark? That's a first!

Isn't this the guy who was just recently kicked off the Library board?

Mpeterson said...


Mr. Pouros is a thoughtful Republican who understands the Constitution. I'm always happy to defend people like that even and, in some sense, especially when I don't agree with them on everything.

And it's not a first. I think I got started with all this noise a few years ago when it became clear to me that for most of today's so called 'conservatives' -- like Belling or even our own Owen R -- Barry Goldwater was no longer considered a "real" conservative.

Conceptual dissonance drives me nuts and hence, the catharsis of this little blog calling them out.

Starlette Mae said...

James Pouros should not be allowed to practice law, let alone preside as a judge over a courtroom. He is biased, narrow-minded and has limited capacity to reason. Whether it be from lack of experience or laziness he is content to let a lawyer run the courtroom for him. He is a discrace to the bench and makes a mockery of the legal system. He should not be allowed to rule in family cases, he is ruining honest American's lives due to his negligence.