Sunday, July 25, 2010

I guess it really is time to start voting Republican.

This was good the first time I saw it, and now, after a year or so of corporate sponsored obstructionism, maybe things would be better if we'd all cave in and start voting Republican.


Kevin Scheunemann said...


Here we go...Republicans are for dirty water, dirty air, and want kids to starve.

When Republicans talk about the "death lines" of National Health Care, they at least have the data to back it up.

"Death Panels", the moment a government bureaucrat decides to fund, or not to fund,(the power of life and death) treatment of your medical condition, under national health care, is a political debate point way more honest that what you posted. (but yet Democrats screamed unfairnes of that excellent political point constantly.)

So if Republicans were to post a video that says, "Democrats want to kill Grandma with national health care", wouldn't that be more honest than the dishonest political rhetoric in the video you posted?

So you can make dishonest political points, but Democrats will get upset when Republicans talk about death panels?

I'm confused about the standard of political "fairness". I thought Democrats stood for "fairness". This video clearly disputes that absurd notion.

Mpeterson said...

I'm not a Democrat, Kevin.

Yeah, why is it that conservatives these days favor dirty water and letting children starve rather than using tax dollars to feed them and then teach them useful skills that would make them productive members of society? Before Reagan they were in favor of all of these things.

"Death Panels" were just another "conservative" con job cooked up by the Karl Rovian think tanks to scare people... a fact pretty much everyone knows now..

At any rate, they know it in the same way everyone knows that a steady diet of fries and ice cream probably shortens your life... and yet we continue to crave them.

It's interesting, don't you think, that you make your living by feeding people exactly the kind of food guaranteed to shorten their lives. The same is true of your political positions, something for which, at least, history has plenty of evidence.