Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Most Horrifying, Absurd Things in the GOP State Platforms | | AlterNet

And yet, not a surprise in the bunch.

"The GOP leadership's plan for addressing the nation's problems is to make them worse in order to screw over Obama and Democrats."

10 Most Horrifying, Absurd Things in the GOP State Platforms | | AlterNet


Kevin Scheunemann said...

"6. Nullification"

Is horrifying and absurd?

This idea needs to be touted my more politicians to help stop the fiscal train wreck of the Federal Government.

The fact that some of these ideas are "horrifying and absurd" makes the progressive movement look plain stupid and out of touch.

Since when are progressives against ideas that oppose the establishment?

Mpeterson said...

This one? Since Lincoln opposed it and the first modern war slaughtered millions of Americans to preserve the Union. You idiot.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So you would have opposed nullification on the Federal Ban on gay marriage?

So states that conducted gay marriage during the ban were wrong?

Methinks you like nullification when it suits the agenda.

Mpeterson said...

I'm content to let the Supreme Court work out the interpretation of the law.

What I'm struck by in your nonsense here is a symptom of your devotion to economics over civic that you can't mask: those who are governed by economic appetites rather than by principles are usually the first to want to suspend the rule of law.