Friday, June 18, 2010

Time to bring back Karl.

Freemarketeering = Graucho Marxism.

It's time to school up on the original: n+1: On Your Marx


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Because previous Marxist-based governments were such a resounding success?

Are you auditioning to be the next Tonight Show host?

This is side splitting comedy at its best!

As your next joke, maybe you'll want to bring back leaches to cure polio?

Mpeterson said...

Dude, how could you not know this... of all people.

The one government furthest along Marx's scale of development from capitalism is ours, Kevin.

Why do you think Deng Xiao Peng led the Chinese *back* to work through capitalism?

And I'd say that our government is something of a success in self-government.

So, the joke, as usual, is on you.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Advancement of Marxist ideas tend to diminish our economy and country, by providing a disincentive to work and production. (the inherent fatal flaw in Marxism)

What was the last great human advancement to come from China? (Besides advanced expertise in human rights abuses)

Mpeterson said...

Weird, you just distinguished between human and economic in your last sentence. I thought these were identical in KochWorld.

I know that *you* like to keep your employees alienated from their work by giving them lousy pay and squeezing them for extra hours, but most American corporations actually discovered that productivity goes up when you erode the alienation of the worker from their job. Maybe that's why you've had such terrible trouble with debt?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


If my employees are alienated...why do I have so many ex-employees coming back asking for their old jobs after graduating from college?

Is my specific brand of worker alienation just more "fun"?

Why don't YOU offer them a better job than me? Last count, I've received over 450 UNSOLICITED applications for employement since Jan 1. I never received that many unsolicited applications in the combined 8 years of the Bush administration.

So, yes, I can thank Obama for all the choices I have. I can easily terminate anyone not doing a great job now. (That was not always an option earlier in the decade.)

Maybe you should thank me that I provide an economic route to allow some of your students to afford listening to your lectures. (I also help with scholarships to UWWC) Sounds like I need some equal time for "rebuttal" when you lecture about economics, employers, employees, and so- called worker "alienation".

Can I get an affidavit from you on the last comment? It could help me in recovering damages from several different organizations in my ongoing "fun" with personal information compromise. Want to guess which "collective" entity compromised my personal information?