Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Plugging the Gulf Oil Leak with the works of Ayn Rand: follow up.

It'd be a start and the best use of Rand's work.

Critique of The Objectivist Ethics



Kevin Scheunemann said...

Given the incompetence of the Obama regulatory apparatus and impotent D.C. decision making, are you sure we shouldn't be plugging the oil leak with the collectivist works of Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Alice Walker, or Howard Zinn? (or maybe with all the porn the alleged government regulators were viewing rather than doing thier jobs.)

BP is crony capitalism/socialism on display. BP is a creature of the collectivist culture.

This is a failure of collectivist mentality rather than a failure of capitalism.

Mpeterson said...

BP not a capitalist company, eh?

Cool. We agree.

Can you name a capitalist company currently operating in the world? Other than the People's Republic of China I mean. :^)

Marshwood said...

"incompetence of the Obama regulatory apparatus"

The regulatory failure had nothing to do with whomever is currently president. The same regulatory apparatus has been in place for decades, and would continue to be so. It is a governmental failure, not an Obama failure.

And something tells me that you would've be making this criticism if it was McCain in office.


James Dionne said...

Many other idiots blamed Bush for the Hurricane Katrina response. This situation is no different. It probably isn't Obama's fault, but he will take the political fallout for it. People in general are idiots and blame the one in charge in a disaster. Welcome to the American political system. Some things never change.