Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Like Glenn Beck, Ayn Rand Peddled Garbage As Truth -- Why Did America Buy It? |

Ah, *the* question is always the same question.

Like Glenn Beck, Ayn Rand Peddled Garbage As Truth -- Why Did America Buy It? | | AlterNet

The real reason is simpler and embodied in the fundamental principle of American capitalism, uttered by the greatest American philosopher of capitalism, P.T. Barnum:

"There's a sucker born every minute."


Kevin Scheunemann said...

So someone who endured the horror of Stalinist Russia...and endured the sadistic evils, firsthand, of an all powerful government is to be discounted?

This is the problem with the progressive movement..."progressives" just don't want to accept the reality: unchecked government power can be far more evil.

This is why the progressive movement wants to shut Rand up, progressives still are not over the Stalinist shock of how evil government can be in a socialist state.

America "bought it" because the Soviet Union was EVIL! The system was evil, the USSR leaders were evil, and those that supported the ideas of that oppressive system were/are evil.

Thank God for this great nation standing up to the greatest socialist tyranny of our time!

DanBack said...

Unchecked corporate power... now that's just plain beautiful.

wbman said...

No amount of philosophical double talk can disguise that objectivism was a sick, selfish belief system (cue the Randians to debate the meaning of "selfish").

Kevin Scheunemann said...


If one had to chose between the 2:

Unchecked government power
Unchecked corporate power,

one would be foolish to chose unchecked government power.

Corporate power has all kinds of checks in this country. Its not perfect and there are consequences (mostly civil) in our country, most of the time, when corporations hurt or kill people.

When was the last time the U.S. government suffered consequences for hurting or killing people? NEVER! Its very rare for any government to be held accountable for hurting or killing people.

This is the issue Rand constantly pointed out.

Having government run my health care decisions, whether I live or die, is far more worrysome than an insurance company making the decision---if ins. refuses to pay, I could always pay out of pocket--some Democrats want to make cash payment illegal in a national health care system. That is precisely what happens in Britian's national death care system. No choice except bending over for the faceless bureaucrat.(See latest issue of Reason magazine).

Mpeterson said...

I think the article nailed the truth here, which is that Rand was herself actually enamored of elitism -- as demonstrated in her heroes -- and resentful of not being acknowledged as such.

No serious philosopher I know takes her seriously because there's so little there but, the true believers claim it's because my brothers and sisters in the discipline are a bunch of 'elitists'.

This is simply resentment over not being recognized as "equals."

The resentment is recognizable in both Rand's life and in the life of her followers for those who belong to socially acknowledged elites... for people who have actually had read and understood, say Aristotle or Plato or the Federalist Papers or even Adam Smith.

Her followers, like Kevin here, only complain about the "elites" -- even in nonsensical dissonances like "Socratic elitist"(?) -- because they resent not being recognized as members of an elite themselves -- although they do like to claim they are at every chance.

I think the author makes a pretty good observation about Mr. Beck... and about our own Kevin.

What do you think Kev? Don't you really, down deep, believe that you're the true elite and that I'm just a poser?

Mpeterson said...

Oh, wait... never mind. You gave yourself away and I hadn't even noticed it. Only you can "accept reality."

Elitist. ;^)

zulfiya77 said...

"So someone who endured the horror of Stalinist Russia...and endured the sadistic evils, firsthand, of an all powerful government is to be discounted?" "First hand" is a factual exaggeration - read the bio.

Sorry, Mark, I do like her position on subsidies: They do not work.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


That's the real political issue: the battle over reality.

Reality is nearly 100% defined by the words we use.

Why wasn't the headline on this blog post, "Thank you Rand for exposing the evils of Stalinist Russia". (or "Statism", if you prefer)

That defines a total different political reality about advocates of increasing the power of government.

You seem to advocate political positions yielding power and control to the state.

I like to think I advocate positions yielding choice to individuals.

In the process of the debate battle over a proper level of government power, the merits the political debate get lost and it seems to reduce to some sort of, albeit creative at times, demonization of the other side.

Mpeterson said...

lol. I guess I'd just say that Rand doesn't have "positions" on anything, only tastes.

I'm not keen on subsidies either. Are you suggesting that Kevin should start paying a higher fee for the road creation that subsidizes both his deliveries and his drive in customers?

We could privatize the roads I guess....

My abiding sense of Rand is that everything she wrote comes down to "Stalin was bad," which at this stage, is tautological. But to then say that socialism is Stalinistic is as nonsensical as it is to assert that nations with more communitarian values than we have are evil. Frankly, I'm an American to the bone, but living in Canada and Sweden is better in many ways.

Miss West Bend said...

Speaking of garbage peddled at truth. Ginny is up to her old tricks!

Marshwood said...

"Reality is nearly 100% defined by the words we use."

Wow, Kev, now I finally understand your drivel. You think just by saying it, makes it real.

Mpeterson said...

The problem with your position Kevin is that you don't advocate giving power to ALL individuals, only the choice few who agree with your worldview.

I think government plays the role of making sure the opportunities for power remain available to everyone. I'm on board with the Federalist Papers here rather than with the "neo-liberal" demonization of democracy found in Rand.

Mpeterson said...

Wait, endured Stalinist Russia? She emigrated in 1926. Joe had barely started at that point.

So you're romanticizing Rand as well as defending a radical individualism that might as well be social Darwinism?

Fine. Peddle that somewhere else please.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Forgive me.

Would it make you feel better if I said Leninist/Stalinist Russia?

You talk like romanticizing Rand is a bad thing.

We all romanticize the things we advocate. For instance, your love affair with the public school monopoly is quite evident.

You also have this romantic notion that scientists can never be wrong.

Try accepting some political romance from time to time.

DanBack said...

Anyone else here just come to the point where you just feel really, really sorry for Kevin?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Thanks Dan,

I'm trying to perfect my victimhood.

When do I get my government check?

Advocating the idea that I should get to keep my achievement and production must make me a minority of some sort, worthy of a government handout off of other achievers.

Mpeterson said...

It makes you an elitist. ;^)

DanBack said...

If only Citibank, Capitol One Bank, FIA Card Services, Livingston Financial, US Bank, et. al, got to keep their "achievements"....

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Which part makes me "elitist"?

The idea of keeping my own achievement and production?

Or the part wanting the government handout?

I've always considered an "elitist" someone who advocates government spending other people's money without asking.

DanBack said...

You already got your government handout Kevin. It came when Obama-style socialist laws allowed you to spend a bunch of money and then get out of paying back your creditors.

We all pay for your greed and I don't remember you ever asking me to fund your irresponsible spending spree.

WWARS? (What Would Ayn Rand Say?)

DanBack said...

And I almost forgot your other government handout... the one you get in the form of government corn subsidies that allows your beef patties and cola and almost everything else you sling to be so cheap.

You are welcome, Kevin. Even though you didn't ask me.