Monday, May 17, 2010

To my friends in China, please keep the Pajamas!!

I'd just like to go on the record, even from here in the bucolic rolling Kettle Moraine of southeastern Wisconsin, as being in favor of pajamas for daily wear in Shanghai.

The Pajama Game Closes in Shanghai -

The first time you see it with American eyes, it looks a bit silly. The second time you think "shoot, why don't *we* do that??"

Minzaoyi Shanghai!


DanBack said...

I hate when people wear pajamas in public. Hate it. Are you really so lazy you can't even muster the energy to PUT ON PANTS before you leave the house? How far we've come from when our grandparents got decked out in their best duds to take a flight or go to a ballgame! Now we don't even want to bother to get dressed?

Kevin, is "you should get dressed" right-wing or left-wing advice?

Free Lunch said...

"is "you should get dressed" right-wing or left-wing advice?"

The same grumpy attitude that makes people say "hey, kids, get off of the lawn".

Meghan said...

I wholly support PJs in public. I got some seriously nice pajama pants for Christmas and I am not going to save them for sleeping or doing the laundry. (I wouldn't wear them to school or work or whatever, but grocery store all the way).

I'm not lazy, I just like fuzzy pants.

DanBack said...

I wouldn't mind kids playing on my lawn, I'd hire someone with crazy tattoos or a bone through their nose, I support gay marriage etc., etc... but there is one line I won't cross and that's being down with people who are unable to get dressed. I imagine they will one day become one of those people who uses the motorized scooter to get around Pick 'n Save not because of any disability, but just because they are too lazy to walk.

Maybe part of dislike for the practice is that I make the assumption that they just rolled out of bed and left the house without taking a shower or brushing their teeth. So tell me you people - is that what you do? Or do you take a shower and then put dirty pj's back on? Or do you take a shower and put on clean ones? This is all very confusing to me! :)

Meghan said...

My pjs are quite tidy, although often covered in cat hair. But when you have three affectionate, light-coloured cats and a preference for dark colours it's unavoidable. And I don't leave with morning mouth or unkempt hair.Although I've been known to wear day-old(but definitly not stained) pjs if I need to go to the store when I'm ill and I really should be in bed. But when I'm sick I look completely terrible anyways so pajamas or lack thereof don't make a difference.

Most of my clothes are pajama-like anyways, I hate jeans and long-sleeves make me sweaty. T-shirts and track pants all the way. Unless a situation calls for something dressier.