Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grothman confirms diagnosis: 4th stage epistemic closure

Hi everyone,

State Senator Grothman replied to my query about whether he was just nuts, or fear mongering.

State Senator Grothman's reply

Reading Obama’s mind in his favor

This is in response to Mark Peterson’s recent column. I had written about Barack Obama’s campaign speech in July of 2008, in which he said, “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” as our military. In his speech, these words were a departure from the prepared text.

A lot has been written about these words but no one knows exactly what Obama had in mind. Peterson and other Obama apologists claim that he meant the Peace Corps, but that would require increasing the size of the Peace Corps by about 1,400 times ($340 million to $482 billion) from what it is today.

Furthermore, no one would call the Peace Corps a national security force, so that clearly isn’t it. The media was so in love with Obama no one forced him to explain. Can you imagine the uproar if President Bush would have said such a thing?

The radical ideas of Obama’s “czars,” the attempted nationalization of health care, and the unnecessary takeover of GM (rather than just having it re-emerge from bankruptcy) all are unprecedented in American history. Many of his allies in Congress are for the Fairness Doctrine that would censor talk radio. His allies are pushing Puerto Rican statehood, a national popular vote, a nationwide database for medical records, and a nationwide database for education records. This group that got elected in November 2008 sure has shown that the sky is the limit as far as changing America.

Last year, three congressmen introduced a bill extending the authority of civilian employees at the Defense Department to make arrests, execute warrants and carry firearms, apparently domestically. Is this what Obama meant? We don’t know and neither does Mark Peterson.

If Peterson wants to look on the Internet, he can find a lot more well known people than myself and one Georgia congressman wondering what Obama was thinking.

Sen. Glenn Grothman West Bend

So, it was epistemic closure and not fear-mongering? I admit, I'm a bit surprised.
Um, first, we do know what he has in mind, because President Obama simply said what he has in mind: expanding the Peace Corps (the best money America ever spent for foreign policy) and AmeriCorps. Simply expanding the missions of these two groups would make America more secure than 10 new divisions of Marines.

But of course, on Glenn's reasoning, we might expect something even more horrific from the President -- he might reinstitute the ... gasp... Civilian Conservation Corps.


Kevin Scheunemann said...


And of course you never "fear monger"...

We could review your tea party posts if needed.

Mpeterson said...

It's not mongering, Kevin, if you really are afraid.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So if you are not afraid of tea party patriots, why do you not meet their arguments about out of government control spending and unprecendented Washington DC control of our lives on an intellectual level?

Why do you need to use terms like "teabagger"?

Mpeterson said...

Are you misreading intentionally?

I am afraid of the tea partiers Kev. And I have found a perfectly good answer to their complaint about government no longer in the control of the people... The trouble with the Tea Party is that they're taking their marching orders from the very corporate interests that are in control of the government now. It isn't the government that's in control of our lives most days, but corporate interests using the government to facilitate their ends -- ends which clearly are not about democratic participation in our own governance.

The Tea Party is locked on the wrong target. We need to take back control of the government from them, not make it easier for them to control the government.

'nuff said. -Stan