Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Christian "right" marches on ... with gay escorts.

Maybe there are other "things" the Christian Right don't want anyone to know.

Family Research Council Founder Hired Gay Escort For Vacay Fun

Miami’s New Times weekly is out with a blockbuster story about George Alan Rekers, a founder (with James Dobson) of the Family Research Council, and his European vacation with an “assistant” he hired on the gay escort service Web site, (Warning: Rentboy site is graphically sexual.)

And thanks to the Family Research Council for all this delicious candy.



DanBack said...

Why do these people hate what they are?

Mpeterson said...

Because they've been taught to like hating.

DanBack said...

I'm kind of dying to know what Kevin's take on this would be.

John Jost said...

So amused. As (French-speaking) kids, we had this standard retort: "Celui qui le dit, c'est lui-même" (He who says it, is it himself).

Fits the FRC like a glove.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin is on a little hiatus from Motley Cow. :^)

Free Lunch said...

Don't make Kevin's hiatus too short on my account.

James Dionne said...

Is the the equivalent of "He who smelt it dealt it?"

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Don't you mean "censored"?

If I'm allowed to comment on this subject...which is uncertain since I'm on the very exclusive "banned from the Motely Cow" list.

My reply would be that those involved in this "gay escort" story are not practicing their Christianity and probably deserve to be stripped of the "Christian" label if those involved are unrepentant of their sins.

Hard to tell whether this message will get posted. The owner of the web site has a very strict standard for what speech is allowed is his right.

The only thing that would irk me about the decision to ban me from the Motely Cow is if the Cow would claim to value "tolerance", "diversity" and continue to present itself as a free speech crusader. Then banning me would not exactly be honest.

I like to keep really smart philosophy professors intellectually honest.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin, you return with the assertion that you like to keep people honest, but all you've done on this blog is troll every post and blame Obama?

Nice to see you, too.

But don't start by deceiving yourself: these people *are* practicing their understanding of Christianity -- the same way Marquardt and Weigand are.