Saturday, April 24, 2010

West Bend is not alone. Homophobia spreads to Germantown School board.

Must be catching.

Or is it simply part of the wider, vast right wing conspiracy. :)

Germantown School Board member warns of 'dangers of homosexual lifestyle'

A newly elected school board member in Germantown has called the "Day of Silence" -- which raises awareness about the bullying of homosexuals and others -- "misguided propaganda," according to a GermantownNOW story.

Diana Kline, who made the comments in an email, the weekly newspaper says, also urged fellow Germantown school board members and administrators to educate themselves "about the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle."

After being elected to the board April 6, Kline said in an email to the paper:

"I’m so encouraged to know that there are more and more conservatives taking action and making their voices heard on a local level. I’m looking forward to serving the community and helping to train up the next generation to be men and women of honesty, integrity, valor and virtue."

Values like close-mindedness and xenophobia? Other countries have tried them and they don't work.

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