Friday, April 02, 2010

More bad news for the ultra-right: Largest Job Growth in Three Years

When your political philosophy depends on bad news, this sort of thing is bound to give you headaches -- even when it's good for your business.

Largest Job Growth in Three Years


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Mark, 2 points on this ridiculous "spin",

1.) 48,000 of those jobs are census jobs, which will be up in smoke in 6 months.

2.) This is nothing to get excited about. When you narrow the measurement range to 3 years, its like saying we are excited about a 42% high school graduation rate at MPS after 3 years at 41% high school graduation rate.

If we enlarge the measurement time frame back to 2000, this is a pretty pathetic job performance for the Obama administration.

George W. never had a 9.7% unemployment rate. The unemployment rate at 9.7% is an abomination.

Part of the problem is: Small business owners like me are afraid to hire and expand because we fear what Obama will do to us. We have a duty to stay in business for our existing workforce. Risking expansion in an uncertain, political, tax, and regulatory environment is VERY risky. (Especially when any reward for that risk is taken from you by so called "progressives" in "fairness".)

DanBack said...

So even good news isn't good. Gotcha Kevin.

Speak for yourself on the "Small business owners like me are afraid to hire and expand" tip. My business was having to turn down work so I brought on another guy last week. Not all small business owners are pissing their pants and afraid to do anything.

DanBack said...

What will Ginny and Mary make of this?

John Jost said...

I'd like to play them the song that was playing in my head while I read that article: multi-racial South African band Juluka, 1982: "Scatterlings Of Africa" - we are, evidently.