Tuesday, April 06, 2010

mental health break on a rainy election day.

YouTube - Ukulele Heaven, Strum


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Mental Health break?

On a day where we find out the out of control Men. Falls library director BANNED "religious themed" art work of little kids participating in a public art fair during holy week?

So my daughters rendition of Da Vinci's Last Supper would be banned?

Where is the free speech outrage from progressives?

So a sketch of the dead sea scrolls is out? I get confused by this left wing speech censorship stuff...very confusing.

We have an issue where free speech needs to be stood up for...where are West bend's so-called free speech defenders denouncing this censorship?

Mpeterson said...

The oppression you live with, Kevin, is simply beyond my comprehension. All of these evil agencies persecuting you and driving you out of business and forcing you into personal debt and causing you to keep an eye on the entire world of persecutions. What's it like to be victimized that way? It must be terrible when people mistakenly think you're just some guy from Kewaskum Wisconsin.

But it was Easter this weekend. Your sins are forgiven. Why can't you pardon your oppressors as well?

Mpeterson said...

Oh, and criticize ukulele's one more time and your banished for life.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Criticize ukulele's? I'm wondering how I accomplished that. I thought the clip was amusing.

As long as we recognize what the Men. Falls librarian is doing is speech "persecution" that you like...

I've pardoned my oppressors, I just like to point it out when the oppressors continue with the sin of double standards for free speech.

Call it a hobby.

Mpeterson said...

Sorry Kevin, you trolled a post about ukuleles. Like Satan, you too are banished from the Motley heavens.


Free Lunch said...


Free Lunch said...

Thank you.