Sunday, April 18, 2010

Even more bad news for the ultra-rights: Wisconsin is no longer a tax hell.

I guess they'll have to find something new to complain about now -- but they won't.

My favorite comment on this story was the first one which read, roughly: "I don't care if the numbers show Wisconsin is not a tax hell, it is so."

A lot of people have been drinking the tea these days.

A few nice details from the story at:

Fact: Wisconsin ranks 26th in total spending by all levels of state and local government based on the latest figures (as compared with 20th in population, 24th in Gross Domestic Product and 24th in personal income for the same year).

Fact: Wisconsin ranks 14th in total tax burden.


Only a few states rely more than Wisconsin on the big one-two punch of property and personal income taxes. Despite the average government spending, that's an unpopular load for taxpayers and a risky strategy for funding bedrock services.

The state's unusual insistence on taxing all types of property at equal rates puts a larger share of the tax burden on middle-class homeowners.
The result: Taxes on industrial property owners rank in the bottom half and sometimes the bottom third nationally. In contrast, residential taxes are still easily top 10, and residential owners pay more than two-thirds of all property tax collections, up from half in 1970.

As I've continually said, the tax burden is shifted from the wealthy to the middle class... as usual.
And all the whining about Wisconsin taxes being an anti-business pogrom launched by hippy socialists in Madison to drive industry out of the state? That's just an excuse for lousy management... as usual.


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