Friday, April 09, 2010

DA's sex ed warning befuddles Wis. teachers, kids - Yahoo! News

Once again, a national audience for Puritanism in Wisconsin.

DA's sex ed warning befuddles Wis. teachers, kids


James Dionne said...

What, no stories about Washington County election results? Almost every conservative in every race won except Kevin in Kewaskum. Now that's surely worth a post, Ain'a hey?

Free Lunch said...

Let's see. This clown managed to partially win a fight with the UW which he started as a law student, but could not find a better job than DA in Juneau County.

I doubt he could find the exit of a paper bag.

Mpeterson said...

I'll get to it James... I've been too busy at work to play this week.

Actually there is no almost about it, and yet I'm wondering whether these guys are real conservatives or just irritable Beck-fundamentalists (that was for Kev).

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I lost, not because I was "conservative", but because I did nothing for my campaign. I spent $0 and did nothing in terms of effort.

The challengers made a huge effort and I lost by 15 votes.

I'm fine with the result, its a lot less stress NOT being a public official.

I can take my "PR gloves off" now.