Friday, April 16, 2010

And even more on Koch bankrolling of Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity.

Looks like the press finally woke up.

The Koch Family ties to the Tea Party shell game (like the one they sponsored through Americans for Prosperity in Madison this week) are finally staggering into the day light and, like most vampires, they don't like it.

Another of Koch's beneficiaries is Americans for Prosperity, which was founded in part by the company's Executive Vice President, David Koch. He is currently the chairman of the board of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

AFP, based in Washington, has been a key organizer of many tea party events, including Tax Day Tea Party rallies in at least nine states today. (Indeed, we last encountered AFP when a man holding an "I Am AFP!" sign at an Ohio tea party protest berated a pro-health reform rallier who is disabled by Parkinson's.)

AFP's North Carolina branch has a Web site called that encourages supporters to "contact Americans for Prosperity-NC with questions about throwing a Tea Party in your town! We are here to help you have a great success!"

In an interview this morning, Cohlmia confirmed Koch's role backing AFP. Asking how that squares with the statement that Koch not provide funding "specifically to support the tea parties," Cohlmia said "the statement stands."

She said the unsolicited statement was prompted because, "we've had a number of people who have indicated Koch is funding and orchestrating tea parties."

A spokeswoman for Americans for Prosperity directed inquiries back to Koch Industries.

Still, they're just ... you know... 'regular' folks. Like you and me -- except for the private jets and maids and indoor pools. :)

I guess I'm wondering how long America will fall for this shell game... if that past is any indication, we'll believe anything so long as it keeps us happily afraid of someone else.


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