Friday, March 12, 2010

Why burgers out cost more than salads in.

Okay, quiz:

Who would make a living selling people food that's bad for them, and making a profit at it because all of that food is subsidized by the tax payers? Only some kind of pirate who needs government subsidies that short change farmers.

Shocking Graphic Reveals Why a Big Mac Costs Less Than a Salad

I kid, of course.


DanBack said...

Reminds me of the scene in Food, Inc. where the mother compares what $2 will get her at McDonald's vs. what it would buy her in the produce aisle. Remember that scene Kevin?

What a crazy fucked up world we live in that a piece of shit hamburger (sorry Kevin) is $1 but a pound of broccoli is $2.50. Government welfare for Big Corn and Big Beef needs to end.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Barely anybody wants to eat salads. You can offer them all you want, but we are a meat eater nation.

I suppose your solution is to require people to eat salads?

Is there any part of my life where you DON'T know best?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


If you do the math, McD's serves a 8/1 burger(8 burgers to the pound for the non restaurant owner).

It would take about $8.50, including tax, to get to a pound of burgers at McDonald's.

Taking the sample of broccoli at $2.50 a pound. For the same $8.50, you can get about 3.5 pounds of broccoli!

I love broccoli, especially smothered in cheese. (At least until Mark tells me I can't have that anymore under national health care. Then I'm going to love it even more!)

The problem is convenience. People want it fast and they want it now. Broccoli is not fast and easy, burgers are.

If a QSR concept perfected a quick serve broccoli dish, I'm sure someone would complain about the influence of big broccoli.

So this alleged subsidy sure sucks next to broccoli.

James Dionne said...

I'll eat my burger with a salad thank you very much.

DanBack said...

This isn't a meat vs. salads issue. It's people who see stuff like fast food as some kind of perceived "convenience" vs. people who care just a tiny bit about what they put into God's Temple (That's for you Kevin). I love meat too. I buy it (along with probably 90% of the rest of my food) at farmers markets, places like Whole Foods, or direct from the farmers via the two CSA's I'm a member of. I've actually visited the farm in New Jersey where I buy a good portion of my meat and cheese. I'm going to take a pickling class from the local Brooklyn guy who makes the pickles everyone here is addicted to. I went to this place in Red Hook, Brooklyn on Valentines day to get 2 Maine lobsters fresh off the truck. No Red Lobster or Long John Silver's for me, thank you. Giving a shit is easy AND fun! I'll remember making those lobsters at home and the fun we had for a long time!

I care about what I put into my body. If it's from a plant, eat it. If it was manufactured in a plant, don't. So I'll stick with my way Kevin, and I'll leave the chemicals, frozen beef patties with parts from hundreds of cows who spent a good portion of their life wallowing in their own shit and the broccoli dunked in cheese product to you. That all sounds delicious. You may have a slightly more convenient meal, but I guarantee compared to you I eat like a king.

I've never seen you, but if you like dunking your broccoli into "cheese", I'm guessing you look like it.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I have no problem with your meal choices. More power to you.

Mark posted the article because he's trying to influence other people's meal choices. Which in and of itself, I don't have a problem with.

Where I do have a problem is: government breaucrats influencing meal choices. Its a cadre of food Nazis crying everything is bad for you.

If Mark's advocacy stops short of that, fine. However, we both know "progressive" political philosophy wants to manage every life ingestion and digestion choice for you, right down to how much table salt you use.

We both know where this is going...burgers are attempting to be demonized as the new "cigarette" and broccoli should be mandatory.

What I don't get about the progressive political movement is: cigarettes are evil and need to be banned, taxed, and regulated, but marijuana needs to be made available...

At least I'm intellectually honest about substance choice, whether, cigarettes, marijuana, table salt, burgers, salads, etc. I advocate freedom of choice for all.

Progressives seem dishonest depending on the religion of which substance is en vogue today...

DanBack said...


The point I believe Mark was making is that government subsidies for the Beef and Corn industries are the reason it's cheaper for a family to stop at McDonalds than actually prepare a decent meal at home. That the decision for what to have for dinner is already being practically made by the Government (since we just love cheap shit in the US). So if we are going to subsidize food, why not subsidize something that isn't going to result in us all turning into lardasses with type 2 diabetes?

DanBack said...

Seriously Kevin - can I send you a copy of Food, Inc.? As a DQ owner I really would be interested in your take on it.

Anonymous said...

Stick a knife in the back of the neck and sever the spinal cord of the lobster before you boil them. It's humane.

They can feel.

...and are yummy.