Monday, March 08, 2010

UW-Madison Faces Liberal Backlash In Polling Deal -

When money corrupts.... by why so cheaply?

UW-Madison Faces Liberal Backlash In Polling Deal


Kevin Scheunemann said...

This is what you are upset about on UW campuses today?

What about the group of student thugs at UW-Milwuakee allegedly protesting tuition and throwing snowballs at police? THE ADMINISTRATION ON UW-MILWUAKEE CAMPUS DOESN'T EVEN CONTROL TUITION, ITS THE BOARD OR REGENTS IN MADISON!

These students, evidently, are too dumb to deserve a spot at this institution of "higher learning". That part is UW-administration's fault!

How many of these students voted against the $25 student fee/semester increase in the student election that week for the athletic complex. (Only 5.5% of the 30,000 students bothered to vote on the issue!!!!!)

UW-Milwuakee has hundereds of $$$ of radical liberal student group fees, mandatory bus passes, and other needless liberal crap in the tuition bill every semester! It was $600/semester in add on fees when I was there 15 years ago. It's probably over $1000/semester today!

This is the disgusting issue for UW campuses this week, not an attempt at a bipartisan poll.

I missed your outrage on the "progressive" UW-Milwaukee thugs.

Mpeterson said...

Seriously, outraged over students throwing snowballs?

You are a Mighty Jeremiah of Self-Righteousness, Kevin.

Pete Gruett said...

High profile professors can often get their way even when they shouldn't. It's just sad to see them keep spinning like this and horrifying to see that this was approved so far up the chain. I could see the Poli-Sci chair green-lighting this but it should never have made it past the dean of Letters and Science, let alone the chancellor.

They probably also wanted to appease the WMC set after John Wiley pissed them off (by pointing out the truth). If they were worried about donors, that would put a lot more money at stake than 13 grand.

grumps said...

Yeah, Kevin. $812 per year isn't really $1000 a semester. Your memory is failing, too.

Don't forget the role of Nass and the Nassties in the rising tuition rates. When you put people in charge who don't value education you get rotten education.

You should probably get your sense of perspective adjusted as well, Kevin. Have them tighten up the outrage valve and set the exclamation point metering device to about half of what it is now.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I'm outraged these students would protest about tuition fees when only 5.5% of the students bothered to vote on a $25/semester student athletic fee increase which becomes part of tution.

If these students want to cut tuition, cut funding to these radical liberal student groups, the Milwaukee county bus system (make it optional!), and other junk tuition fees....

But these thugs never complained about any of these "political bunk tuition fees" raising their tutition bill! There was no public complaining about these huge fees that have nothing to do with formal classroom education!

Until one eliminates these HUGE add on political junk tuition fees,...yes, I will bask in self-righteousness on this issue.

Your UW-Madison post is a yawn by comparison. If this "protest" happened in Madison, at least it would have been an honest to God riot to the right people, the UW-Board of Regents.

Mpeterson said...

So you're obviously not working this week?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I live for those "zingers".

I'm working. I tend to check your blog at work. (I need to remind myself about all this alleged global warming. Motely Cow could be the "bible study" of the warming religion...)

Actually, your blog makes for a nice break in the day.

Mpeterson said...