Friday, March 12, 2010

Those who edit the textbooks, rule the world.

Comforting to know that Texans now control history.

Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards


John Jost said...

Amazing: Dr. McLeroy is "Dr." because... he's a dentist! Funny, there is a French expression that would translate as "lying like a teeth puller".

Texas is in a different galaxy. Lewis Black would say: "I thought Texas Board of Education... and my head exploded."

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Liberalism has ruled the textbook world for the last 25 years and one conservative gets a book approved and "progressives" seem like they are going to have a collective heart attack.

What happened to liberal diversity and tolerance?

James Dionne said...

The internet has made textbooks obsolete. Might even do the same for school and teachers.

Mpeterson said...

@James: quite possibly -- I've already moved my courses to an online format.

Free Lunch said...

I'm glad that McLeroy lost his re-election bid, but it may be too late as we see here. The Texans wanted to have their own facts. Not only did they want to delete the ones that showed they were wrong but they have been trying to force textbooks to include outright lies. No wonder conservatives think that reality has a liberal bias.

Kevin, where did you get the idea that tolerance meant putting up with falsehoods? McLeroy is a liar. You are a victim of his lies.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch,

"Lies" as defined by you?

That sounds very narrow minded and intolerant.

What is to stop you from labeling anything or anyone that disagrees with you as "lies"? (Which seems to happen regularly.)

Sounds like all speech that disagrees with you is banned and suppressed under that standard.

That's what I mean by "diversity and tolerance."

Why do liberals have a problem extending the very thing they claim to champion to this situation?

Free Lunch said...


Lies as defined by reality. Try to get in touch with it some time.

I have no reason to be tolerant of falsehoods told by anyone. You don't get a break just because you are an activists for a ship of fools. You don't get to invent your own facts. You have to live with the facts that exist.

Stop with the self-pity. I am tolerant, but I am not a fool. If you lie, I will call you on your lie. If you whine about it, I will mock you because you have called it upon yourself. You are free to have whatever opinions you want, but if you tell a lie to support your opinion, you need to have people tell you that you were caught lying.

If you arrive at an opinion because of ignorance and dishonesty, your opinion is of no value to anyone, not even to you.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch,

Could you direct me to what "lie" I made on this thread that set you off?

I'd appreciate it.

If its the part about progressives having a "collective heart attack" over this textbook being approved...that is just good truth telling, with you being the first exhibit to back up my case.

Anonymous said...

When is Texas breaking away from the U.S.?

Let's party, Mark. I'm buying.


Anonymous said...

"Liberalism has ruled the textbook world for the last 25 years"


Proposition support?

Oh, yes, see author

kevin scheunemann said...


Here you go:

The fact that Free Lunch gets in a snit over one fair and balanced conservative textbook being approved is also evidence.

Free Lunch said...


If you want to be taken seriously, something I doubt, you will make an effort to substantiate your propagandistic nonsense, starting with
"Liberalism has ruled the textbook world for the last 25 years."

Apparently facts that contradict your erroneous preconceptions and false claims are 'liberal'. Don't forget that Steven Colbert summed up the attitude of conservatives like you quite well, "Reality has a liberal bias."

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch,

So if reality has a liberal bias, everything else is verboten as "lies"?

Consider practicing some of the famed liberal tolerance and diversity I hear so much about...

that's all I ask.

Free Lunch said...

So if reality has a liberal bias, everything else is verboten as "lies"?

"Reality has a liberal bias" is a mocking line that Stephen Colbert used when complaining about a fact that was inconvenient for his right-wing character. If you repeat a falsehood, something that does not square with reality, it is either because you have lied or because you don't know what you are talking about. Reality does not square with the talking points of professional liars and confidence men.

Consider practicing some of the famed liberal tolerance and diversity I hear so much about...

Why should I tolerate falsehoods told by anyone. McLeroy was a religious nutter who wanted falsehoods taught in science and other areas. He was trying to get religious dogma like intelligent design/creatioinism included in science class. How can anyone tolerate such dishonesty?

that's all I ask.

Why should you be allowed to repeat falsehoods without being called on the falsehoods?

1. Those who deny that evolution happened and is happening are repeating falsehoods.

2. Those who deny that smoking causes cancer are repeating falsehoods.

3. Those who deny that human activity is affecting the climate are repeating falsehoods.

4. Those who insist on filtering history books through a distorted lens are repeating falsehoods.

5. Those who claim that lower taxes will increase revenue are repeating falsehoods.

When you decide to come to terms with reality, you won't need to beg people to 'tolerate' your little falsehoods. Come on in. Reality is a good place to be.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free lunch,

So getting back to the original are saying textbooks DON'T have a liberal bias?

I would postulate, if you believe that, you may be the one embracing the falsehood.

I know Colbert was in the comedy mode when he said "Reality has a liberal bias", but part of the reason its so funny is because it has an element of truth to it!