Friday, March 12, 2010

This again: Jesus not a 9/12er

Evangelical leader takes on Beck for assailing social justice churches

Obvious, of course, on reflection.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Didn't Jesus teach charity to be a voluntary activity from the heart?

Forced taxation to redistribute to the "poor" is not charity from the heart. Jesus did not approve of stealing.

When government takes responsibility for "charity", it makes people less charitable because there is a pervasive social feeling, especially pronounced in Europe, "I do not need to give to the poor, its the governments job!"

I don't recall Jesus teaching that.

Anonymous said...

Professor - so now you are on Jesus's side ? You tread on thin ice if you side with those trying to interpret the Bible...your house is made of Glass.

Mpeterson said...

@Anon: I've been a fan of Jim Wallis for years and years and was raised ELCA Lutheran. I'll take my chances with people who understand the difficulty and need to interpret the Bible, as opposed to those who don't think it needs any interpretation whatsoever. And I suppose then, you'd need to tell me which Jesus you're talking about before I can answer your question.

Free Lunch said...

I guess you never read the gospels Kevin. Jesus made it quite clear that you were supposed to pay your taxes and not lie about it being stealing.

Why do you mock Jesus?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch,

Paying your taxes is not giving to the poor from your heart.

Jesus said for you to give willingly and cheerfully, not lobby to make others "give" against their will through taxation.

Taxation is not "cheerful giving".

There is a difference.