Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teabonics, for when you can't spell out your own politics.

This is also how you spell out sour grapes: Teabonics


John Jost said...


The Myth of Europe's High Taxes: Americans pay just as much - and receive far less in benefits, says author Steven Hill.

"A thorough analysis would need to create a ledger in which all the supports and services Europeans and Americans receive are listed on one side and the amount of taxes and any additional out-of-pocket fees they pay are listed on the other. When you sum up the total balance sheet, it turns out that Americans pay out as much as Europeans – but we receive a lot less for our money."

DanBack said...

U elitst intelektiul!

John Jost said...

Im' complemented.

Free Lunch said...

Teabonics is a priceless neologism. Love it and the collection of signs

Kevin Scheunemann said...

John, Dan, and Free Lunch...

I wonder if you have done the same type of analysis/scrutiny on anti-globalization protestors and Obama rallies.

My favorite Obama rally audio clip:

News reporter: (R) "Why did you come here, today?"

Obama supporter: (OS) "to get some money."

R: "What kind of money?"

OS: "Obama money."

R: "Where does Obama get the money?"

OS: "I don't know...his stash (laughing)"

What do we call this?

Would this be "ObamaBONICS"?

That clip makes me chuckle the more times I hear it!

In a game of making fun of dumb supporters on each side, we can all find examples.

It really doesn't prove anything from a political standpoint, other than who has the funniest/dumbest movement supporter.

DanBack said...

Of course you are right. There are examples of idiots on both sides. I'd like to think the difference is that the left doesn't celebrate the fact that you can't spell by calling people who can "intellectual elitists".