Friday, March 19, 2010


Time to vote on it.


Kevin Scheunemann said...


Hilarious that you posted this.

Nancy Pelosi stated just 2 weeks ago that we need to pass this "so we can find out what is in it!"

This proves the Speaker of the House knows less than tea party patriots.

How any Cogressman can vote yes to something so important to all of us without reading the shocks the conscience beyond comprehension. We might as well give Congressman a blank piece of paper to pass, to be filled in by dictatorial Washington bureaucrats later. It would at least be honest that way.

What baffles me is anyone telling their Congressman to vote "yes" without reading the bill!

How is this "democratic values"?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

How ironic on the day of the government takeover of health care vote:

Typical government denial of health care benefits to the sick and dying.

Remind me again why we want national health care?

At least she could sue a private insurer over this. With government doing the "insuring" (or screwing), she has no legal recourse.

Disgusting demonstration of how socialism does not work.

DanBack said...

After watching Fox News a lot today, I'm not so sure the sun is going to come up tomorrow.

If it doesn't, it's been fun ya'll!

Keep it real Kevin!

Kevin Scheunemann said...

The sun will come up, but it may be with 20% unemployment.

Catepillar alone said this health federal care mandate will cost the company $100 million per year!

That's a lot of jobs the federal government just decimated, just at this one company!

I was leaning toward hiring, but now I've decided not to hire because I need to ascertain what this will do to my vendors and supply chain.

This is going to cause unemployment to go up. We can be just like France now, with a young people unemployment rate between 20-30%. Young people who voted for Obama, voted to destroy their job prospects.

Socialism is about spreading misery around.

DanBack said...

Well speak for your own business Kevin. The people I represent have more work than they know what to do with, and I'm in an industry that kind of blows at the moment! My guys haven't had it this good in years!

DanBack said...

Damn. The sun did come up. Well, another day at work making mad skrilla and not putting my business on hold because of Obama.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


If you don't properly evaluate what the federal regulatory and tax environment can do to you...that is bad business.

If you are not worried, good for you. I depend on vendors that work on thin margins...if this health care mandate expense puts them out of business or raises my vendor prices, I need to deal with that.

First decision...hold off on hiring new employees until we see the effects of Obamacare.

Did you know there was specific fast food regulations in the bill? So this thing is already affecting me in terms of $$$.

Here it comes: government is going to regulate what you eat, how much you exercise, montior your alcohol consumption etc...all in the name of saving taxpayers public health care costs.

Free society is out the window.

I expected better from liberals.

DanBack said...

Vote Marquart, get this! Check out the Creationist Periodic Table of the Elements: